The City Diplomacy Lab organizes a wide range of initiatives aimed at advancing the understanding and dissemination of city diplomacy as a tool for sustainable urban development.

The City Diplomacy Lab periodically organizes in-person, hybrid, and virtual initiatives to foster international reflection on the impact and potential of local governments’ regional and global action in addressing the major transnational challenges of the present.

The Lab’s approach enables dialogue and discussion among city diplomacy practitioners (cities, city networks, national governments, and international organizations) while involving civil society actors, the world of culture and education, and the private sector.

In-person, hybrid, and virtual events alike enjoy the valuable and unique support of the Columbia Global Centers, enabling the Lab to engage actors and audiences from every region of the world.

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Upcoming events

Cities and Climate Solutions | Air

In partnership with the Columbia Climate School, Columbia Global Centers | Paris and Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai, and the Commonwealth Local Government Forum

🗓 November 22, 2023

📍 Webinar

Past events

Reimagining African Cities: Design, Participation, Diplomacy

In partnership with Columbia University Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement and Columbia Global Centers Nairobi.

🗓 October 2, 2023

📍 Webinar

Urban peace dialogues. When mayors become architects of peace

2023 UNECE Forum of Mayors’ official side event

In partnership with Mayors for Peace – European and French Chapters and the European Committee of the Regions’ Nicosia Initiative.

🗓 October 3, 2023

📍 United Nations Office in Geneva

Euro-Africa Montpellier Water Days

In partnership with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and the International Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Water Systems Dynamics

🗓 October 9-10, 2023

📍 Corum, Montpellier

La diplomatie des territories et l’action internationale des collectivités face aux crises

In partnership with Cités Unies France, UCLG, and PLATFORMA

🗓 July 3rd, 2023

📍 French House of Representatives

Cities and Climate Solutions | Food

In partnership with Columbia Global Centers | Paris and Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro

🗓 April 19, 2023

📍 Webinar

Cities and Climate Solutions | Water

In partnership with Columbia Global Centers | Paris and Columbia Global Centers | Amman

🗓 March 22, 2023

📍 Webinar

Le rôle de la diaspora pour dynamiser les coopérations de ville à ville

In partnership with AIMF

🗓 November 17, 2022

📍 Tunis City Hall

Driving Climate Empowerment Leveraging Proximities and City Diplomacy

In partnership with ETI Chair at IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School and C40 Cities

🗓 November 15, 2022

📍 Smart City Expo World Congress

Climate empowerment and city diplomacy. Exploring the potential of a thriving alliance

In partnership with AIMF and ICLEI

🗓 November 8, 2022

📍 COP27 – Multilevel Action Pavilion

Cities and universities. An alliance for sustainable development

In partnership with AIMF and IFDD

🗓 November 8, 2022

📍 COP27 – Francophonie Pavilion

Urban metabolism and gender equity

In partnership with UCLG and Cités Unies France

🗓 June 27, 2022

📍 11th World Urban Forum, Katowice

Cities: from theaters of war to actors for peace

2022 UNECE Forum of Mayors’ official side event

In partnership with the Permanent Mission of the United States of America to the International Organizations in Geneva, the Permanent Mission of Italy to the International Organizations in Geneva, the International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF), and the City of Bari

🗓 April 5, 2022

📍 United Nations Office in Geneva

Can local agriculture save the world?

In partnership with Alliance ProgramColumbia Global Centers | Paris, and the European Institute. Co-sponsors include Columbia Maison Française and the Institute for Ideas and Imagination.

🗓 December 14, 2021

📍 Webinar

Reinventing Cities series

The series is co-organized with Sciences Po – PSIA, Columbia Undergraduate Programs in Paris, and Columbia Global Centers | Paris. Co-sponsored by the Alliance Program and Urban Flag.

🗓 March – July 2021

📍 5 webinars